The Spewy


The Spewy is a waterproof absorbant towel to use when your children are sick. The Terry Towelling and Microfibre layers absorb the vomit and the waterproof backing ensures that it won’t leak through onto your child.
Lay it on your child’s lap in the car to use and you’ll have no more spewy car seats to clean out.
Lay it under your child’s head at home and if they are sick, it’s right there to catch everything and saves you cleaning the lounge or their bed.
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The Spewy can also be used:
  • as a changemat
  • for tummy time
  • place under your toilet training toddler at night and if they have an accident, just replace the Spewy rather then remaking the bed at 2am!
Made by a Mum, for Mums
Once the Spewy is used pop into the waterproof bag which will help eliminate that spewy car smell and wash when you arrive home

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